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All prices listed here are in Australian dollars and serve as a general guide only. Prices will differ from cake to cake depending on the customised designs and cake flavours. So please be in touch with us for a more detailed quote.

Basic chocolate or vanilla flavours are assumed in the prices below. However, additional costs will apply for chocolate mud, caramel mud, carrot, banana flavours.

Prices of the cakes depend largely on the decorations, which is where the labour is. The more complex the decoration, the more intense the labour, thus higher the price.

Two tiered round cake (27.5cm, and 17.5cm) – approx 110 servings - $195*
Three tiered round cake (30cm, 25cm, 17.5cm) – approx 190 servings - $325*
Square slab cakes^ (30cmx30cm) – approx 120 servings - $160
Square slab cakes^ (20cmx20cm) – approx 55 servings - $80
*Prices do not include decorations such as flowers or customised figurines
^'Slab cakes' are iced cakes that are intended to be cut behind the scenes to make up for servings not covered in the cutting cake. Decorations are not applicable to these.
Serving sizes based on finger slices to be served with coffee. See FAQ section for more info on serving sizes.

Customised bride & groom icing figurines start at $65 each for basic standing pose in traditional wedding suit and dress. Please enquire about alternative designs (e.g. Golfing groom, groom in Scottish kilt, surfing bride, etc!).

Providing your own fresh flowers is an effective way of reducing cost of the cakes and it looks beautiful too!

Basic 9" round cake with customised figurine of birthday boy/girl in basic pose - from $150

Standard sized cupcakes $3.30-$13 (Minimum order of 12)
Small* sized cupcakes $2.75-$12 (Minimum order of 12)
Mini* sized cupcakes $1.85-$4 (Minimum of order 24)
*Limited designs available

Click here to see cupcake sizes

Cupcakes can be boxed for wedding bonbonierres:
Clear box - additional $2 per cupcake*
Plain white box -  additional $0.75 per cupcake*
*Does not include trimmings (ribbons, tags, etc)

Six-pack cupcakes beautifully packaged and personalised - $40 each
Great for new baby arrivals, birthdays, thank you gift, Mother's/Father's Days, etc.

Cookies from $5.50*
Cookiepops (Cookie on a stick) from $5.75*
*Additional $0.75 to have cookies indivudally wrapped

Customised figurine prices vary depending on complexity of design. Prices start at $50 each.