the cupcake gallery

Welcome to the Cupcake Gallery

Do you deliver?                                                                                                                      

Yes. We deliver within Sydney.
Our delivery charge is $1.20 per kilometre from Dural NSW 2158. Go to to calculate approximate cost of delivery based on distance.
Additional $20 for deliveries requiring set-up (weddings, cupcake towers).
Additional $20 for deliveries to the Sydney CBD due to toll and parking charges.

How do I store the icing figurines?                                                                                       

The icing figurines should be stored away from moisture and direct sunlight and NOT in the freezer!

How long will the icing figurines keep?                                                                               

The icing figurines, if stored in the right conditions will keep for years.

How big a wedding cake do I need?                                                                                     

This depends on how you'll be serving the cake.
- As a dessert where each guest is served a generous slice.
- With coffee: Finger slices are placed on platters for each table served along with coffee or tea. You only need a third as much cake as when it is being served as a dessert. Finger slice sizes differ from venue to venue, so it is best to check this with your venue before placing an order to avoid wastage

As a guide:
Two tiered cake (27.5cm diameter, 17.5cm) will yield approximately 110 finger slices* 
Three tiered cake (cm, 25cm, 17.5cm) will yield approximately 190 finger slices*
*based on finger slices sized 1.5cmx5cm (top) x height of cake (7-8cm)

You may also get a 'slab cake' - a cake in the same flavour and icing as the wedding cake - to be cut in the kitchen and served. This makes up for servings not covered in the wedding cutting cake.

30cm square slab cake will yield approximately 120 finger slices.
20cm square slab cake will yield approxmiately 55 finger slices.

Do you offer taste-testing?                                                                                                    

Unfortunately, we do not offer taste testing at this point in time.

How long do the cakes last for?                                                                                            

Because our cakes are all made with fresh ingredients with no additional preservatives included, they are best consumed within 2-3 days.

Do the cakes need to be refrigerated?                                                                                   

Our cakes are best not to go in the fridge, as the fondant icing will collect moisture which in turn will sweat and become soggy. Store cakes at room temperature, away from direct heat.